No Engraving Project Too Small or Large


Veritas Machining offers a full suite of precision laser marking and engraving services for high volume manufacturing applications, as well as, one-off projects for prototypes and customized personal items.


The common denominator of what we offer to our diverse customer base is EXECUTION.  Whether you have a rigorous specification or an undeveloped concept, Veritas has the experience, equipment, and process to deliver consistently high-quality solutions--On Schedule and Within Budget.


Please call today and discuss your project with a senior member of our production staff, at 269-641-7500.

Wow!  What a review from Rex Tibor (aka Tiborasaurus Rex).  Thanks for the great words and quality video.

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As a certified Veteran-owned small business, and an ATF licensee, we understand the value of commitment and pledge to do our very best for our clients--each and every time.  We hold the trust granted to us by our clients as a precious honor; in return, we commit to honest work, timely deliveries, and attention to details.


Phil Mumaw, President

Stay "Tuned!"


Just a note to let our musical friends know that we have expanded our services to musicians and manufacturers of musical instruments.  Check out some of our latest engravings.  Keep checking back for updated photos, we have some really cool things in the works right now!

NEW PRODUCT: Emergency I.D. Card

In the event of an emergency, this Emergency I.D. Card™ can provide important life-saving information to first responders and medical personnel.  When critical decisions need to be made, it could save your life or the life of a loved one.  This durable, bright red plastic card is conveniently sized to fit in your wallet.  The words “Emergency I.D. Card” are clearly visible whether inserted horizontally or vertically.  Contact us today for more information.


The Emergency I.D. Card™, the most important card we hope you never have to use.

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