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What kind of markings can Veritas do?   TOP

Etching is a very shallow engraving that produces a high contrast mark on metal. This is often used for marking tools or parts with serial numbers, logos, and bar codes for industrial purposes.





Polishing, or mirroring, is the process by which the heat of the laser alters the finish of the metal. This technique produces marks that are matte-like or almost holographic. The final tone-on-tone look is used when a sophisticated or distinct mark is desired.




Annealing is typically used in the medical industry because it leaves no cuts or shallow engravings. It is similar to the polishing process in that it heats the metal and induces a color change to the top layer of the material. The effect is a dark, iridescent look with a vivid level of contrast between the mark and material.

How deep can Veritas engrave?  TOP

While not all metals are created equal, Veritas Machining can create a deep engraving from 0.020" to 0.030" ("standard" engraving depth is between 0.005" and 0.010").  Veritas always takes into the account the type of material, application, and project specifications.

Do I need to provide a setup part?  TOP
Yes, for all new manufacturing projects, whether firearm or general.  Especially where there will be bulk quantities requiring a dealer discount.
Can I review and approve a proof of the engraving design before you run it?  TOP

Yes.  For industrial clients, we will send a photo of the setup part taken with a high-quality microscope.  This photo will contain dimensioning for your QC staff's ease of use.  Firearm clients will be sent a photo of the firearm with the requested engravings visually superimposed.  We will not run your part or firearm until you are completely satisfied with the proof and have provided your written approval for us to proceed via fax or email.

Can Veritas refinish firearms after engraving?  TOP

Although Veritas does not have in-house refinishing capabilities, we have established relationships with finishing companies that can provide high quality bluing, nickeling, chroming, cerakoting, and other finishes.

How is price determined?  TOP

Veritas' prices are based on a shop rate.  All prospective clients are furnished a written proposal based on their drawings and/or instructions--generally, proposals are valid for 30 calendar days unless otherwise stated.  Longer quote terms may be available depending on the nature of the product.

What materials can you mark and engrave?  TOP

Metallic materials:  anodized aluminum, brass, steel alloys, titanium, plated metals, powder coated metals, and precious metals.


Non-metallic materials:  acrylics, Corian(R), cork, Delrin(R), glass, leather, marble, matboard, melamine, most plastics, rubber, vinyl, wood, and paper.  


If your project involves a material not listed, please call us.

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