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"I saw this gun once that had a really cool pattern, can you duplicate it?"

"I have a picture of somebody special, can you use it in the design?"

"I have no idea what I want done, can you just pull something together?"


You may be asking yourself these very questions.  Not a problem, Veritas is here to help.  You see, all projects begin with a concept, even engraving.  Many of our clients come to us with an idea of what they would like engraved, but nothing specific in mind.  They rely on us to take it from concept to creation.  Therefore, we have found graphic design to be an integral part of our service package. 


Sometimes, we may receive a picture to be replicated, an image of a favorite gun, or a photo of a special person to be converted. Although we would prefer an easy-to-use file, such as a black and white/high resolution/vector file, we most often have to use a color/ low resolution/raster file that requires a great deal of editing or restoration.  This is precisely why we have become experts in graphic design, file conversions, and data manipulation for engraving applications.

Graphic Design Projects--Before and After

Image Conversion
Raster to Vector Photo Conversion


For this project, our client provided us with a digital photo of a child (left).  It was a high resolution, color JPEG.  We were also provided with additional information to be included; they wanted a border around the photo, with a specific scroll pattern.  We converted the picture into a more appropriate format, laid out the design, and added the boy's image.  We have found that photos with high contrast, limited background detail, and little shadowing are the most desirable. 

Custom Engraved Henry Goldenboy
Original Wood Grip
Replicated Design


This request proved to be quite a challenge even for our experienced designers.  We were given one wooden grip with the original carving (left).  Using a few ingenious techniques to copy the design, our designers were off and running to make it laser-friendly.  You can see how well the image transferred--with very little loss of detail--and how Veritas was able to modify it to fit a completely different style and size of grip.

Replica Wood Grips
RAF 105th Blazer Badge
Image Re-creation


A Royal Air Force veteran was excited to learn that we could recreate the official insignias of stations at which he had served.  He sent us a photo of a patch with the emblem he wanted engraved.  The quality of the image was such that data conversion was not possible.  The only option was to recreate the design from scratch, based on his embroidered original (left).  Veritas' graphic designers were up to the challenge and created a cherished keepsake for him.

RAF Belt Buckle
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