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Having Veritas Engrave Your Handgun is as Easy as 1-2-3


Complete our Handgun Engraving Order Form.  Feel free to contact us via email or call us at 269-641-7500 with any questions.



Ship your item(s), a copy of your completed Order Form, and a copy of your driver's license (if sending the serialized portion of the gun).  We have an FFL, so you can ship directly to us and we can ship directly back to you.  Be sure to check with the carrier regarding their policy for shipping handguns. 



We will work with you to develop your custom design.  As we go through the design process, we will send you proofs so you can see what the engraving will look like before we even do it.  We want this to be your piece, so we will make changes until you are satisfied with the artwork.  Once we have finalized the concept and received your approval, your firearm will be placed into our production queue. 



Because each piece is unique, all pricing must be quoted.  Pricing is based on the area engraved, so you are welcome to give us a budget to work within or we can furnish you with an engraving cost once the design is complete.



After the engraving has been completed, and before we ship, we will contact you for payment.  In certain circumstances, a down payment of 25% may be required.  For your convenience, we accept major credit cards and PayPal.  We will accept a money order sent with your weapon, just be sure to include extra funds to cover return shipping.

Handgun Projects

Engraved Remington 1911


"I just can't believe how precise the level of detail is, down to the tiny little dots.  I first picked up the piece and subsequently the artwork sometime in 2012 and have been looking on and off again for someone to do the project since then.  Most shops told me to look for a hand engraver.  Another laser shop told me he'd have to thicken all the lines but the 'overall concept' would still be there.  I'd finally found one other rotary engraving shop that doesn't specialize in firearms and then Veritas right around the same time.  You really need to get your brand out there!!  Because your work is simply amazing, and there are very few places out there that can do what you can do.  They don't have the equipment to do the size of the artwork or depth of the engraving or the level of intricacy, or otherwise the tools to do it efficiently at a reasonable price.  Just amazing.  I could not be happier with the finished product."

Deep Engraved Wilson Combat


For our clients that do not have professional artwork for their customizations, our graphic designers will work with them to create their vision.  You can give very detailed instructions or leave it to the experienced eye of our designers.  For this piece, we were given the latitude to use our own creativity.  With very few changes, the client approved the final artwork, which we engraved to create a beautiful, personal, and one-of-a-kind heirloom piece. 

Wood Grips Checkering


This beautiful sidearm has been fired in many shooting competitions and is a personal favorite of its owner.  However, the grips of this revolver did not come with checkering.  As a professional markswoman, our client had a preferred style of checkering on a different set of grips that she wished to have engraved on to these.  Veritas was given specific dimensions and texture requirements and was able to deliver exactly what the client had requested, helping to give her an increased advantage at the competitions. 

Deep Engraved Colt Series 70


This beautiful piece will be treasured for generations.  It is a special commemorative set celebrating the hard work of the son and the pride of the father.  We listened carefully to the client's wishes that the design should reflect these sentiments.  Engraving with ink inlay for the ivory grips, deep engraving with a nickel plating finish for the firearm, and engraving with ink inlay for the custom-built gun case; we coordinated all aspects of this firearm's transformation from an off-the-shelf gun to a distinguished presentation from father to son.

Wood Grips Engraving


Years ago, our client purchased a set of custom crafted wood grips for a specific pistol.  He loved them so much that when he bought a different handgun, he wanted the grips replicated for it.  Veritas was given the original grip from which to copy the pattern.  Our designers were able to replicate the exact pattern and modify it to fit the new grips.  Thus giving his firearm an air of unique and hand crafted beauty.  Please visit our Graphic Design page for more information.

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