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From Prototypes to Large Volume Runs

  Production integration, standalone services, and hybrid production solutions

What sets Veritas apart?  Our laser engraving services are tailored to your needs.  We realize your production requirements may change from job to job.  That’s why we’ve structured our engraving services to respond to your fluctuating needs.   Here’s how:


We do not have quantity limits for runs.  There may be times when you only need five parts, four parts, or even just one part engraved.  Short run manufacturing is one of our specialties.


We can work through the design process with you.  Perhaps you haven’t finalized your engraving specifications and would like to see some options.  You can send us a set-up part and we’ll engrave different depths, locations, fonts, and sizes to help you make your final decision. 


We offer varying depths for metal engraving.  We can etch, deep engrave (up to 0.030” deep!), or anything in between.


Veritas can engrave consistent, legible markings; markings that dot peening, stamping, hand engraving, CNC, and rotary engraving cannot match in quality. Our state-of-the-art lasers are capable of engraving metals, plastics, wood, and more.  The large 24"(w) x 12"(l) x 9"(h) work area of our lasers offers our clients numerous options and a high degree of flexibility.  Our rotary is capable of handling objects up to 3" in diameter and 10.5" in length.


Supplement in-house capabilities, create prototypes, or outsource to Veritas Machining.  Call today to discuss your project and learn more about how Veritas Machining's laser engraving services can add new capabilities to your business without an out-of-pocket investment, to level peak-and-valley production demands, while reducing your costs and enhancing your competitive edge


Dealers:  Please call for volume pricing.




Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Carbides, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Gold, Nickel, Silver, Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Zinc



Ceramics, Engineered Plastics (Radel, Ultem, PEEK, Delrin, Thermoplastics, and many other Biomedical and Industrial Grade), Glass, Graphite, Paper, Stone, Wood  (NOTE: We can laser cut wood and plastics up to 1/4" thickness.) 

  • Aerospace

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Electronic

  • Energy

  • Firearm

  • Machine shops

  • Military & defense

  • Motor

  • Motorcycle

  • Music

  • Surgical & medical


Marking Types


  • Barcodes

  • Customizations

  • Data matrix codes

  • Data tags

  • Graphics

  • Injection molds

  • Logos

  • Product ID

  • Serializing

  • VIN markings


When Your Reputation Demands Quality



  • Annealing

  • CerMarking

  • Engraving-Deep (up to 0.030")

  • Engraving-Standard (0.002" and 0.003")

  • Etching

  • Polishing

Deep Engraved Titanium


We have yet to find another laser engraver that can achieve crisp lines up to 0.030" deep, let alone do it in titanium.  You heard it right, deep engraved titanium.  We're not your ordinary laser engravers.  We have developed techniques that maintain the crispness that is so desired with laser engraving and achieved a depth only thought to be possible with machining.  That coupled with the fact that we can do this with one of the hardest metals, enough said.

General Manufacturing Projects

Micro Laser Engraving


Our client couldn't find anybody who would accept the challenge of engraving such a small piece.  Challenge accepted.  Being only 0.1" tall by 0.04" wide, it was hardly visible to the naked eye.  Veritas was able to engrave this extremely small injection mold that produced a clear and legible mark on the final product.

Engraved Plastic Injection Mold


We were contacted by a mold making company whose CNC was unable to handle a finely detailed design.  Veritas was able to engrave this plate leaving a unique textured finish that has since become the client's preferred look.

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