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When Elegance and Fidelity are the Only Options

Every Engraving made true to your Artwork--Whether 1 or 100

Production integration, graphics services, and hybrid production solutions

Let’s make beautiful music together!  Whether you need logos, serial numbers, or customizations, Veritas provides a complete line of laser engraving services to the musical instrument manufacturing industry.


Hand engraving, diamond dragging, roll stamping, scribing, and other methods used to mark instruments have limitations.  For example, mechanical engraving typically costs more, is limited to larger lettering, produces coarser graphics with variable results, may deform an instrument, and is relatively inflexible.  These constraints can cost you money and negatively reflect on your brand image. 


Veritas Machining overcomes all of these problems with its laser engraving services.  If any of these problems sound familiar, give us a call. 




We get charged the same setup fee whether we have one piece or 100 pieces.  We also get charged for every change, like serial numbers.


We cannot find engravers that can engrave both metallic and non-metallic materials.


Roll stamping can deform our instruments.


Our logo and custom artwork have a variety of linewidths and are partially infilled.  We need them accurately and cleanly engraved.


Our current process results in the serial numbers' locations varying from instrument to instrument.


We have not been able to find a way to discretely engrave small serial numbers on our instruments.


We do not want standard engravings; we need to offer our customers increased value-added services through customizations.


I just had my personal instrument replated; the original engravings are no longer visible.



I would love to personalize my instrument, but hand engraving can be too costly.




Veritas GENERALLY DOES NOT CHARGE A SETUP FEE OR A FEE FOR SERIAL NUMBER OR MODEL NUMBER CHANGES.  (However, for very unique or complex requirements, we may charge a nominal fee.)


We engrave on a variety of materials (all metals, woods, plastics, and more).


Our lasers do not “touch” or put pressure your instruments.


Laser engraving provides virtually unlimited flexibility with depths, linewidths, and solids.


Our technology and processes provide high precision, definition, and repeatability.


We routinely engrave small letters and numbers.



We can use your artwork or work with you to create unique, custom designs.  (Artwork fees may apply.)


Our processes enable us to engrave to whatever depth you require; this enables your instrument's engravings to withstand multiple polishings and replatings.*


We are very cost-effective.  We welcome your comparison of our capabilities and prices with other engraving services.

* We recommend polishing your pieces before sending them to us.  This will extend the life of the engraving.

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